North Carolina Pick & Pack Services

A lot of things happen between the time an order is received in the warehouse to the time that it is staged for shipment.  These include picking the order, packing the order, inserting dunnage, labeling the package, performing QA measures, and so on.  Kanban not only handles all things pick-and-pack with impeccable accuracy, we have optimized each step of the process for efficiency – which leads to lower costs for our customers.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

  • Process design. We’ll work with you to design an efficient pick and pack process to minimize your labor and per-order fulfillment costs.
  • Value-Added Services – In addition to standard pick and pack functions, Kanban offers value-added solutions such as kitting, packaging, and product rework services. Whatever your requirement, we can customize our process to delivery exactly what you need.
  • Quality checks. As an ISO-certified company, Kanban makes sure that what was ordered is what goes out, avoiding returns and unhappy customers.