North Carolina Contract Warehouse

With Kanban’s North Carolina contract warehouse services, you can implement customized solutions at facilities entirely dedicated to the service of your business.  If your operation is not contained within Kanban’s existing warehouse campus, we can help you find, lease, design and operate a new facility as part of a turnkey logistics outsourcing solution.


Benefits of 3PL Contract Warehouse Services

  • Focus your time, energy and capital on growing your core business. Let Kanban experts handle logistics details.
  • Reduce costs. Historically, Kanban has been able to deliver substantial savings based on process improvements and a low overhead structure.
  • Manage volume spikes. Because Kanban’s North Carolina Contract Warehouse resources are centralized in North Carolina, our customers can avoid overtime and temporary staff by sharing trained staff from nearby Kanban warehouses.

Kanban Services for North Carolina Contract Warehousing

  • Site location
  • Original construction
  • Warehouse design
  • Building upfit
  • WMS system installation – Kanban’s system or your own
  • Staffing