Product Rework Services

Kanban provides support to vendors working with retailers, etailers, and TV shopping networks to address product quality problems that may lead to a rejection.  Typical projects include labeling, repackaging, product repair, and insertion of manuals or other items in boxes.  We also handle complex projects involving product assembly and final packaging.


Retailers, etailers, and TV shopping networks receive products from thousands of different suppliers at its distribution centers.  However, these products do not always meet quality assurance standards.  In these cases, changes are needed before products are approved to sell.  And, in the case of TV, those changes must be made fast if an air date is approaching.

Benefits of Kanban Rework Services

  • Respond quickly. Kanban can execute projects quickly to avoid missing retailer deadlines.
  • Save money. Kanban’s rework services offer vendors an affordable way to prepare product for sale, while avoiding the time and expense of returning it to the original manufacturer.
  • Access our intimate knowledge of retailer procedures. As a long-time partner with many retailers and TV shopping networks, Kanban has developed a strong understanding of their quality standards through handling thousands of different projects. If there is confusion about requirements, our personal supplier support relationships allow us to reach out directly and get answers.
  • Management of returns. If the full allocation of products does not sell out, Kanban can receive these unsold goods and manage product disposition based on your rules.

Partial list of product packaging and rework services

  • Quality inspections
  • Sorting
  • Country-of-origin labeling
  • Container stripping
  • Barcoding
  • Palletizing
  • Boxing
  • Kitting
  • Product marking
  • UPC Labeling
  • Repackaging
  • Instruction manual printing
  • Product repair
  • Returns management