Kanban serves food industry customers from multiple food-grade warehouses. We’ll make sure your products stay fresh and compliant with FDA requirements, as well as your own strict standards. Kanban is one of the few Eastern North Carolina 3PLs to offer temperature-controlled food warehousing space. Our food logistics services include just-in-time supply of ingredients to local food processors, as well as outbound distribution.

Food logistics case studies

  • For a supplier of raisins, Kanban performs food warehousing functions and ships orders as needed to regional manufacturers, enabling these customers to minimize plant inventory. Read the full case.
  • For a maker of food packaging, Kanban stores containers in a climate-controlled food warehouse and sends JIT shipments to local food processors.
  • For a marketer of nut products, Kanban performs final packaging for items to be sold on QVC. Read the full case.

Features of Kanban’s food warehousing services

  • Superior rated by AIB International. Each Kanban warehouse has rigorous yearly inspection by this organization, which audits food facilities for safety and cleanliness.
  • Advanced capabilities in stock rotation management. Our WMS system helps carefully monitor inventory by expiration date and manage to FEFO, FIFO and other inventory management methods.
  • Cold chain management. We auto-monitor warehouse temperatures to stay within spec and ensure product quality standards are maintained.
  • Full traceability to the lot level in case of recalls.
  • Kanban food warehousing with direct rail access. Enables use of lower-cost rail for inbound shipments.

  Food Services Overview

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