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Raid Side Warehouse

Why Do You Need a Warehouse with Rail Siding?

June 23, 2016

By working with a third-party logistics provider that offers warehouses equipped with rail siding, you can leverage all of these benefits into a smooth-running supply chain that not only operates more efficiently, but that also maximizes rail’s economies of scale, high speeds, and lower costs.

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5 Indicators That It’s Time to Outsource Order Fulfillment

June 9, 2016

There comes a time in every growing company’s life when it has to ask itself this question: Should I outsource order fulfillment or continue managing it in-house? Here are five good indicators that it may be time to outsource order fulfillment to a reputable third party.

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Shopify Fulfillment Services: E-tailers Can Link to Any Fulfillment Partner with Shopify

May 26, 2016

eCommerce platforms like Shopify make it easy to integrate with just about any fulfillment partner you choose. So take your time and choose the partner that will act as an extension of your operation, making sure the right product is sent on time and in perfect condition.

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Panama Canal Expansion Project (Finally) Completed

May 12, 2016

Panama Canal expansion project opens up opportunities for Norfolk and other East Coast ports, giving shippers options they never had before.

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Flexible warehouse solutions

Finding a Flexible Warehouse Solution

May 2, 2016

A flexible warehouse allows costs to parallel revenue. Flexible warehousing gives businesses a variable cost model where distribution costs parallel their revenue stream – a financially sound and flexible warehouse solution.

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To Improve Factory Output, Focus on Inputs

April 14, 2016

To improve factory output, the focus is usually on things like automation, worker productivity, and process improvement. Not nearly enough focus is placed on factory inputs – the movement of raw materials and parts into the factory – and how these inputs are managed to improve factory throughput and financial performance.

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Food is Big Business in NC (and so is food logistics)

March 17, 2016

Strong food logistics providers are available in Eastern NC to support the growing number of food processors in the region. Learn why Eastern North Carolina has become a destination of choice for food processors – and how Kanban Logistics supports them.

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The Benefits of Kitting Services for Manufacturing: Run Your Factory Like a Doctor’s Office

March 3, 2016

When you outsource kitting to 3PLs, you can free up storage and manufacturing space, improve productivity, reduce labor costs, reduce inventory, and improve cash flow. Realize the benefits of kitting and run your factory more like a doctor’s office. Match the work with the appropriate skill level. Your assembly workers, and your CFO, will thank you.

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Cross Docking Services Get Trucks Back on the Road

February 19, 2016

In addition to typical cross docking benefits – faster cycle time, reduction or elimination of warehouse storage costs, and reduction of inventory. Cross docking services can also benefit carriers and their drivers, making them as efficient and profitable as possible. Benefits include reducing drive wait times, help with late deliveries, and demurrage avoidance for importers.

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