Kanban Expands North Carolina Warehouse Footprint

Business expansion has led Kanban to add a 6th location to our Eastern North Carolina warehouse campus.  Kanban warehouse #6 is located in Tarboro, very close to our headquarters campus.

The facility features 12 dock doors as well as a drive-in door, and it is a state-of-the-art green facility with a host of environmentally-friendly features such as motion-sensor-based lighting which conserves energy when areas of the facility are not in use.

Best of all, the facility gives us room to continue to grow.

Advantages of Kanban’s North Carolina warehouse locations

At Kanban, we’re not shy about touting the benefits of warehousing in Eastern North Carolina.  Aside from the everyday things that make life and business in North Carolina so enjoyable, our mid-Atlantic presence – we’re located just east of Raleigh – provides us with central location for economical East Coast distribution. From here, trucks can reach 70% of the U.S. population within 1 day.  Other benefits of an Eastern North Carolina warehouse:

  • Lower costs. Market studies have shown that our labor and space rates are lower than other East Coast warehouse markets in NC, SC and VA.
  • Proximity to manufacturing plants. North Carolina is a hub for food processors and advanced manufacturing plants.
  • Proximity to ports for distribution of imports. The Ports at Hampton Roads/Norfolk, VA and Wilmington, NC are two hours from our campus.
  • Food-grade, climate controlled warehouse space. Perfect for your food, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products. Eastern North Carolina is somewhat of a hub for food logistics locations.
  • Flexible terms. Short-term contracts are possible, allowing you to pay only for the East Coast warehouse space and services you use.
  • Immediate start up. We’re talking days, not weeks.

We’re not the only ones bullish the Rocky Mount/Tarboro area as a logistics hub.  CSX is building a $272 million intermodal hub in Rocky Mount, which will give shippers a great opportunity to leverage intermodal rail in their transportation strategy.

Want to learn more about Kanban’s new warehouse location in Tarboro?  Contact us for more information or to arrange a tour of the facility.

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