Food is Big Business in NC (and so is food logistics)

Food (and food logistics) is big business in North Carolina. Really big. A few facts:

  • NC exports more than $3.9 billion of agricultural products annually.
  • NC ranks #2 in the nation in overall food processing.
  • NC ranks #1 in the nation for production of sweet potatoes and tobacco.
  • NC ranks #2 in the nation for production of Christmas trees, hogs and turkeys.

food logistics and food processing in north carolinaIn Eastern North Carolina in particular, there are dozens of large food processors, including Hillshire Farms, The Cheesecake Factory, Poppies Intl., and George’s Barbeque Sauce. And there are strong food logistics providers, like Kanban Logistics, to help them.

Why has Eastern NC Become a Destination of Choice for Food Processors?

  • From Eastern NC, 200 million consumers are within a 2-day drive for outbound distribution.
  • The location is close to the seaports in Wilmington, NC and Norfolk, VA. Overseas demand is expanding and companies need fast access to ports for exporting.
  • NC is a right to work state with the lowest unionization rate in the U.S.
  • According to a study by the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, food processing workers in NC are about 50% more productive than the national average.
  • There are a strong group of food logistics providers that offer temperature-controlled warehousing and other specialized services for food processors.

Kanban Logistics is one company that has continued to build its capabilities to support the variety of food distribution and other logistics requirements of food companies.

Examples of How Kanban Drives Value for Local Food Processors

  • For a supplier to a large food processor, Kanban stores raw material in a “non-GMO” food warehouse and ships JIT to the factory, enabling the company to utilize its factory space for production, not storage.
  • For a supplier of raisins, Kanban stores and ships orders, as needed, to regional food manufacturers, improving service to these important customers.
  • For a maker of food packaging, Kanban stores containers in a climate-controlled food warehouse and sends JIT shipments to local food processors.
  • For a marketer of nut products, Kanban does final packaging for items to be sold on QVC.

Need food logistics support in Eastern NC?

Kanban offers temperature-controlled warehousing in multiple facilities. The company is “superior rated” by AIB International and has a full-featured WMS to manage FIFO, FEFO and other inventory methods designed to maximize product quality and freshness. To learn more about the food logistics support available to food processors in Eastern North Carolina, email or visit



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