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Reasons to Use Cross Docking Services

April 27, 2023

Cross docking is an efficient process that saves both time and money by keeping products on the move.  Some companies use cross docking services as part of their regular operations mix, while others turn to cross docking only when necessary. …

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drop trailer

Consider a drop trailer program to boost local transport efficiency

January 12, 2022

Between the truck driver shortage and many other supply chain labor shortages related to the pandemic, it’s important to maximize the time and productivity of the workers you have when you have them. A drop trailer program is an effective…

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cross dock freight solutions

Lean on 3PL Cross Dock Freight Solutions During Peak Season

October 22, 2020

Peak shipping season is now upon us and, as a shipper, your goods need to flow quickly to your retail partners. As we all know, however, “quickly” isn’t always possible in 2020. Truck capacity is tight due to COVID-19 and…

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How 3PL Cross Docking Can Support Retail Distribution

November 20, 2019

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers perform a wide variety of big-ticket services, from warehousing and eCommerce fulfillment to transportation and drayage. Sometimes, however, it’s our lower-key offerings that can pay big dividends for our customers. One of these offerings is cross…

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what is drayage

What is drayage? Finding the right provider to transport your products

November 7, 2019

If you have products coming into the U.S. on shipping containers, a logical question you might have is “what do I do with them once they reach the port?” The process starts with drayage.

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To Minimize Truck Driver Wait Time, Consider a Cross Dock Strategy

August 31, 2017

As truck drivers face increasing productivity challenges, every moment on the road counts.  Despite this, hours upon hours are routinely wasted through on-the-clock driver wait time at the drop-off point.  This productivity-killing cycle can be reversed, however, when drivers entrust…

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Cross Docking Services Get Trucks Back on the Road

February 19, 2016

In addition to typical cross docking benefits – faster cycle time, reduction or elimination of warehouse storage costs, and reduction of inventory. Cross docking services can also benefit carriers and their drivers, making them as efficient and profitable as possible. Benefits include reducing drive wait times, help with late deliveries, and demurrage avoidance for importers.

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