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qvc vendor

How a 3PL Can Serve QVC Vendors: Protect Your Relationship with an Ally

July 17, 2018

In getting your products to customers, there are few media channels with the reach of QVC.  Whether on TV or online (QVC is now the third-largest eCommerce company in North America), QVC provides exposure to a wide range of products…

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Manufacturing Logistics

How a 3PL Can Optimize the Aerospace Supply Chain

June 28, 2018

It can be said that the aerospace supply chain is every bit as complicated as the structure of an aircraft.  Just as an aircraft contains thousands of co-dependent parts – ranging from gigantic to minuscule – the supply chains of…

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Kanban Continues Warehouse Service Expansion in NC

June 14, 2018

As with just about all things logistics in North Carolina, Kanban’s warehouse service footprint continues to grow.  We have recently expanded our Tarboro campus to include Kanban #7 – a 400,000-square-foot facility located within five minutes of our company headquarters. …

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Purchasing of Consumable Parts

May 29, 2018

Here are two questions a plant manager or manufacturing executive could be asked by the boss: Question 1: “What’s your strategy for boosting output in the second half of the year?” Question 2: “What’s your strategy for procuring nuts and…

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What to Look For in a Climate-Controlled Storage Provider

May 15, 2018

Product integrity means everything for food and pharmaceutical companies.  When you entrust these products to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you need to have full confidence in its ability to maintain that integrity throughout every aspect of the warehousing operation. …

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east coast freight companies

NC Port Enhancements Benefit East Coast Freight Companies

April 26, 2018

Things are looking up at the Port of Wilmington.  And by “up,” we mean approximately 151 feet – the height of brand new neopanamax cranes you can now see at the port.  These cranes are just one component of the…

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Does Your 3PL Meet Hazmat Storage Requirements?

April 17, 2018

The storage of hazardous materials seems like a dangerous proposition – and in many cases it is.  But materials that qualify as “hazmat” run the gamut from seemingly benign products like paint and dry ice to more obvious dangers like…

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The Role of the JIT Delivery System in Manufacturing Logistics

March 29, 2018

During periods of growth, manufacturers of all sizes tend to come to the same realization: they’ve run out of space for equipment and people and need to expand. But do they, really? Frankly, no. That’s because way too much of…

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foreign trade zone benefits

Understanding Foreign Trade Zone Benefits

March 1, 2018

The good news: your new stock is arriving from overseas.  The bad news: you don’t actually need to use it for another 6 months.  This is where use of a foreign trade zone (FTZ; also called a “free-trade zone”) can…

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