Why eat up your valuable manufacturing floor space with raw materials, packaging supplies and trash? Kanban can establish a logistics warehouse close to your plant, where we receive, store and prepare goods for JIT delivery. Inventory is managed on our full-featured warehouse management system, which allows suppliers secure access to their inventory data.

Inbound Logistics Warehouse: Aerospace case study

For a major aerospace manufacturer, Kanban’s builds kits that are delivered each morning to support that day’s production schedule. Productivity improves dramatically on the factory floor since workers avoid picking, pulling and detrashing of parts. Read the full case.

Benefits of a Kanban-operated logistics warehouse

  • Free up space in your plant
  • Provide suppliers cost effective storage space close to a key customer
  • Minimize inventory investments
  • Reduce risk by having inventory available at a moment’s notice
  • Avoid delays due to stock outs
  • Save money by leveraging lower-cost logistics warehouse space and labor


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