Kanban’s logistics campus in North Carolina can help your auto industry manufacturing plant get materials to the assembly line just in time and get parts to dealers or individuals. We specialize in manufacturing logistics support to help your plant increase productivity and output, while lowering operating costs.  As a Mid Atlantic 3PL, we can also handle outbound distribution to your East Coast customers.

Auto logistics

Global auto maker divisions rely on Kanban to provide storage and timely distribution of service parts to auto parts stores and consumers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Benefits of Kanban’s auto logistics services

  • Sustain quality. Kanban is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard
  • Increase your flexibility. With our North Carolina public warehousing services, your costs can flex up and down with your volumes.
  • Control your costs. Our location allows Kanban to offer very competitive rates.
  • Adapt quickly. Kanban is highly agile and can turn on a dime to meet demand surges or unexpected projects.

Auto logistics services from our Mid Atlantic 3PL location

  • Supplier management to save administrative time and effort of your buyers
  • Warehousing of parts and packaging materials at a Kanban-operated supplier hub
  • Vendor managed inventory services to preserve your cash longer
  • Kit assembly to increase the productivity of your assembly workers
  • JIT delivery to the assembly line to reduce on-hand inventory


  Auto Services Overview

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