How a 3PL Can Serve QVC Vendors: Protect Your Relationship with an Ally

In getting your products to customers, there are few media channels with the reach of QVC.  Whether on TV or online (QVC is now the third-largest eCommerce company in North America), QVC provides exposure to a wide range of products that may otherwise get lost in the shuffle on retail shelves or online.

If you are a QVC vendor that relies on QVC as a major sales channel, it’s a good idea to have proper logistics support if the journey from product shipment to air date does not go exactly as planned.

Selling on QVC

When you’re selected as one of the 500 or so new vendors QVC introduces every year, the company expects you to manufacture, package, and deliver an adequate quantity of your product to QVC, which then takes care of order fulfillment.

While this may seem straightforward, there are additional logistics considerations, not the least of which is what happens if your product is rejected.

Yes, product rejection is a possibility.  To its credit, QVC reviews and rejects shipped products that aren’t up to the same quality standards it approved initially.  Rejection could be based on the product itself or logistics-related items like packaging and labeling.  Regardless of the problem’s source, rejection causes a significant headache for you as you must now scramble to get the problem fixed – and the products returned to QVC – in time for your air date.

Lean on 3PLs for QVC vendor services

When you receive a product rejection notice (PRN), you have two basic options:

  • Your factory or contract manufacturer can fix the problem and resend the product
  • A 3PL who specializes in rework services can “rework” the product

cross docking servicesThe first option is not always practical, mainly due to timing.  This is especially true if your product is coming in from overseas.  There simply isn’t enough time to ship it back, have it fixed, have it shipped to you again, and then resubmit to QVC without missing your air date (and receiving fines and damaging your QVC relationship).

That leaves the 3PL rework option.  Fortunately, rework can be a relatively quick and painless process if you work with “QVC-approved” 3PL partners, like Kanban Logistics.  It looks like this:

  • The 3PL transports the product from QVC to the rework facility
  • The 3PL performs rework services (examples of recent Kanban projects have included removal of loose threads from blankets and turning a bulk supply of cookies into individual cookie packets for sale)
  • The 3PL works with QVC to ensure approval of the reworked product
  • The 3PL transports the product from the rework facility to QVC

In addition to warehousing, transportation, and rework services, many 3PLs can provide the following QVC vendor solutions:

  • Cross Dock Services: The 3PL can receive and hold your product, then deliver to QVC on your behalf. This is especially helpful if your shipment to QVC is running early or late.
  • Container Drayage: The 3PL can receive containers directly from the port and prepare them for distribution to QVC.

Kanban QVC Vendor Solutions

Not only can Kanban handle the QVC-related services described above, we can do it a stone’s throw away from QVC.  Our Rocky Mount location is located literally right next door to one of QVC’s largest distribution centers.  We are a QVC “approved vendor” and our typical projects include repackaging, labeling, product repair, and insertion of manuals and other items.  We also specialize in more complex projects such as product assembly and final packaging.  To learn more about Kanban’s QVC vendor solutions, contact us today.


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